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Learn where to find relevant portfolio news, insider trading, one-glance company performance, and more.

Here is a list of insights and helpful actions you might not have encountered when checking on your portfolios.

Performance quick view

If you hover over a symbol in a portfolio, you get a quick view of the performance of the asset for the past 6 months in the form of a chart and percentage changes for different time periods. Both volume and dividend dates are marked on the chart.


Individual asset information

And if you click a symbol in the portfolio, it will take you to the respective page of the asset which contains the financials, charts, and general information.


Transactions view

If you click anywhere else in the portfolio, you will be taken to the portfolio's page where you can find individual transactions. The transactions are ordered according to their dates by default, but you can change the order of the assets by sorting any of the columns using the header at the top.

Here you can also see any dividends paid out and their amounts.


Portfolio news and insider trades

Let’s focus on the actions located in the upper right corner of each portfolio. Access the relevant news by clicking on the speech icon and browse them. Similarly, corporate insider trades can be found under the arrows icon .


Screener view

A very rich source of information can be accessed through the magnifying glass icon that will take you to the screener view where you can compare financials, performance, ownership breakdown, and dividend yields between individual holdings.


Portfolio map

The map view visualizes what sectors your assets belong to. Size of the squares is currently determined by the market cap of the respective asset. Feel free to hover over the maps to view additional info or access the asset page by clicking on one of the squares.