Gonzalo Menendez Duque - Director of Banco De Chile

Gonzalo Menendez Duque

Director since 2014

Total compensation: $183,000,000

Gonzalo Menendez Duque has served as Directors of Banco de Chile since March 2001. He was reelected as a member of board of directors in 2014. He has also acted as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Inversiones Vita SA and Member of the Boards of several other companies, including Banchile Asesoria Financiera SA, Banchile Factoring SA, Banchile Seguros de Vida SA, Minera El Tesoro, Quinenco SA, Antofagasta PLC, Minera Michilla SA, Mining Group Antofagasta Minerals SA, Antofagasta Railway and Andsberg Limited, among others. In addition, he has acted as Vice Chairman of Fundacion Andronico Luksic A. and Fundacion Pascual Baburizza, Chief Executive Officer of Antofagasta Railway, Banco O’Higgins and Empresas Lucchetti. Since 1990, he has been Member of the Board of Directors and, later, Chairman of the Board of Banco Latinoamericano de Comercio Exterior SA Bladex. He also served as Member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of Banco Santiago, as well as Member of the Board of Banco de A. Edwards. He has acted as Professor of Finance, Chilean Economic and Business Policy at Universidad de Chile and holds a degree in Business Administration and Accounting from the same university.

Banco de Chile provides various banking products and services to individuals, corporate clients, large companies, and small and medium-sized companies in Chile and internationally. The company operates through four segments: Retail, Wholesale, Treasury, and Subsidiaries. It offers checking accounts; personal, car, and mortgage loans; credit cards; credit lines; and investment products, such as fixed-term, automatic renewal, and tax benefit deposits, as well as stocks, portfolio management, voluntary retirement savings/mutual funds, foreign currency, and fixed income investment products. The company also provides insurance products and trust commissions, as well as financial consultancy services related to mergers and acquisitions, liabilities financing and restructuring, capital contribution, bonds and stocks emissions, and international business. In addition, it offers debt instruments; derivative contracts; and liquidity management, currency trading, foreign exchange transaction, international and treasury banking, securities brokerage, mutual fund and investment management, and securitization services, as well as payment management and collection services. Further, the company provides financing for importers and exporters; and factoring, leasing, express payment, electronic banking, and online payment services. It operates a network of approximately 423 branches and 1,453 ATMs. Banco de Chile was founded in 1855 and is headquartered in Santiago, Chile.