Timothy Breedon - Non-Executive Independent Director of Barclays Inverse US Treasury Composite ETN

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Timothy Breedon

Non-Executive Independent Director since 2012

Total compensation: $220,000
Age: 59

Timothy J. Breedon is Non-Executive Independent Director of Barclays PLC., effective November 1, 2012. He joined Barclays after a distinguished career with Legal & General, where, among other roles, he was the group chief executive until June 2012. Tim’s experience as a CEO enables him to provide challenge, advice and support to the Executive on performance and decision-making. Tim brings to the Board extensive ?nancial services experience, knowledge of risk management and UK and EU regulation, as well as an understanding of the key issues for investors. Other current appointments Marie Curie Cancer Care; Chairman, Apax Global Alpha Limited; Chairman, The Northview Group.

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The investment seeks a return linked to the performance of the Barclays Inverse US Treasury Futures Aggregate Index™.
The index employs a strategy that tracks the sum of the returns of periodically rebalanced short positions in equal face values of each of the 2-year, 5-year, 10-year, long-bond and ultra-long U.S. Treasury futures contracts (together, the “Treasury futures contracts”). The index is composed of an equal synthetic short position in each Treasury futures contract that is either the Treasury futures contract closest to expiration or the next Treasury futures contract scheduled to expire immediately following the front contract.

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