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You can migrate your portfolios to wallmine from a different service, spreadsheet or create a new one from scratch. Watch our video to see how to import a portfolio from Google Finance.

Here's a list of basic management actions to help you get started with using your portfolios efficiently.

Portfolio summary

Find the performance summary at the top of each portfolio.

  1. Percentage change and total value change of the portfolio for the current day since market open

  2. Total return and percentage change of the portfolio with respect to the cost of the investments

  3. Total portfolio value as the sum of the market values of all holdings

  4. Sum of the dividends for the portfolio


Changing the name of a portfolio

Rename a portfolio by clicking on the vertical dots icon in the upper right corner of a portfolio and choose Rename. After choosing the desired name, confirm the choice by choosing Rename portfolio.


Removing a holding

Delete a holding with the Remove button on its respective line in the rightmost column.


Sorting a portfolio

By default, portfolios are sorted alphabetically by the ticker from A-Z. Let’s say we want to see the holdings with the largest price change for the day first. Click the downward triangle icon next to the % change column and the order gets updated.


Ordering portfolios

In case of multiple portfolios, we might want to prefer to see one particular as first. Click on the vertical dots icon and choose Move to the top. This portfolio will appear as the first one until we don’t move another to the top.


If you need to import your portfolio from a CSV, message us at [email protected] and include the spreadsheet.