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We’ve added support for more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies that you can now track using wallmine’s portfolio tool.

You can manage individual transactions, track fundamentals, and explore visualizations.

Get rapid access to updates and performance metrics for the current day and overall return for each portfolio. Track your bitcoin, ethereum or altcoin investments alongside other holdings and access detailed insights into the price and market behavior for each of them.

How to add bitcoin tracking to your portfolio in four simple steps

optional: create a new portfolio and give it a descriptive name

  • on the portfolios page, type in the bitcoin name or symbol to start adding a transaction
  • click the desired holding which redirects you to the view of all transactions
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  • select the transaction type and date, input the number of units, unit price, any notes, and click Add
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    The transaction was added to the portfolio and the BTC price and return are tracked individually and as part of the portfolio.


    You can similarly add any other holding and track both your stock market and cryptocurrency investments using wallmine portfolios.


    Cryptocurrency assets are considered to be of higher risk than traditional stock or fund investments and it is a good practice to track them with a separate respective high-risk portfolio. Regardless of your preferred setup, find the overall and day's performance at the top.

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